Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RANT: Models/Photographers who are against testing

This is my sleepless/lonely at 2:30 am insomnia rant...

The other day I was chatting with a photographer about collaborating on a shoot and he quoted me his rates. I understand when photographers who are established charge reasonable test rates, but this person was not exactly Mario Testino, and the rates he quoted me were astronomical. It kind of annoyed me a lot. I'm not sure what kind of aspiring models have $500 to pay for a test shoot..maybe ones who are very spoiled by their parents but certainly not me. I mean that's like 6 months worth of groceries, and I explained to him that unless I plan on giving up eating in order to have the honor of working with him it was not happening.  

Lately in my bored internet browsing I've noticed that sooo many models and photographers are dead against shooting TFCD/P. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and I really don't get it. Personally, modeling is a passion for me and I love to be in front of a camera. I usually do 3-4 TF shoots per week on top of paid work/going to castings/auditions/sleeping. If you're truly passionate about something you should want do it as much as possible regardless of whether you're getting paid. Perhaps this is just the artist in me. Testing is a great opportunity to network/improve/have fun/get amazing new pictures and I would do it 8 hours a day 7 days a week if I could.  Also I think models and photographers are kind of equal in the fashion world... clients pay models and photographers we shouldn't be paying each other.

Part 2: Things I Don't Like

Fatty Foods
Television (for the most part..)
Poor Grammar
Las Vegas
American Accents (sorry..)
Japanese Food
Night Clubs
Greyhound buses (particularly the washrooms)
Delayed Flights
My Right Side
My Ex Boyfriend
Fake Blonde Hair

to be continued..

My Art (Some)

I found this stencil that I loved...

A poem(?..maybe list but poem sounds better) of things that I like

Red Wine
Breakfast Cereals
Rainy Days
Water with lime
Coke Zero
The Flight of the Conchords
Steven Colbert
Jon Stewart
Dark Chocolate
Striped Shirts
James Bond Movies
Classic Rock
Jacques-Louis David
Pickle Barrel in Toronto
House M.D.
Animal Rights
Reading Books
Public Transportation (particularly in Switzerland, second to none)

to be continued..

Shoot with Crazy Blue (crazyblue.ca)! I love this picture!

This is from a shoot I did with Moe (Crazyblue.ca) a while ago!! We randomly found the tire and the cool wood wall.

70s Shoot with Duncan Thorn

These images are from a 70s themes shoot I did with Duncan Thorn yesterday!! (Duncanthornphotography.com)

My Favourite Things in Fashion This Season!!

1. High Waisted Shorts

2. Jumpers!!

3. Harem Pants!! See Ralph Lauren post below

Friday, March 27, 2009

Alley Shoot

These shots are from a shoot I did with Ryan (Toronto Model Images) in an Alley in Toronto. It was freezing!!! brrrrr.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love the Ralph Lauren spring 2009 RTW collection!!

So hot!!

See more Here.

Scarborough Bluffs Shoot

Scarborough Bluffs Shoot
Photographer: Tony(Stellar Photography)

Forest/Don Valley Brick Works

Forest/ Don Valley Brick Works
Don Valley Brick Works series.
Photographer: Tony (Stellar Photography)

Field/Don Valley Brick Works

Field/ Don Valley Brick Works
Part of the Don Valley Brick Works series.
Photographer: Tony(Stellar Photography)

Train Tracks/Don Valley Brick Works

Train Tracks/ Don Valley Brick Works
Part of the Don Valley Brick Works series.
Photographer: Tony(Stellar Photography)

Shoot in Chinatown with Tony

These images are from the second shoot that I did with Tony (Stellar Photography-# on model mayhem) and I love them!! The outfit is from my wardrobe and this is my personal style :). I love it because it looks kind of Parisian and French girls have wicked style!