Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things that people say..

That make me angry. It seems that people in my life particularly those who aren't in the fashion industry have lots of "interesting" comments to make about the industry that make me steam. Personally, I like to be educated about a subject before claiming to be an expert about it and making all sorts of irrational statements that are not grounded in truth whatsoever. Examples to follow.

"It's only modeling if you get paid. Otherwise it's just photo taking." -this doesn't even make sense. 

"model (from Middle French modèle)[1], is a person who poses or who is displayed for the purpose of artfashion, or other products and advertising."- Wikipedia

Yes getting paid is nice but you can certainly be a model without being paid or even making a living at it.

"All photographers are only photographers because they want to hook up with the models."  With the exception of GWC types this is absolutely ridiculous and insulting. Photography is an art that takes years to master and refine, photography equipment costs thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.....really?? All this to pick up girls? Ironic seeing as that I personally have met and worked with maybe a hundred different photographers and none of them have made any effort to pick me up at all. It's so insulting to the profession. 

"These are photographers not agents. They have no connections." Funny, seeing as how tons of photographers at least in my experience regularly do test shoots for all of the top agencies in Toronto. They also have designer, makeup artist and client connections. Photographers often hire models for paid projects with commercial clients. Not to mention that just shooting with a really famous photographer can launch a models career.

"Model Mayhem photographers aren't real photographers". (direct quote from my agency, no comment from me) Yeah, tons of them suck, but there are lots of professional fashion and commercial photographers on model mayhem, a lot of which are extremely talented, great people and genuinely want to network and help out new models. Being a photographer who has a model mayhem page doesn't make you a "guy with camera". Frankly they are probably just bitter because I am often able to find paid work there that they can't take a cut from. ha. Stereotypes suck. 

Probably more to come...

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